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Gyros & Seafood Express Expands with New Franchise Locations

Business has been booming at Gyros & Seafood Express… in spite of the continued public health crisis.

In fact, it was the pandemic that caused us to adapt, get creative, and find new ways of serving our customers. We’ve renovated the store, designed mobile ordering options, and opened a drive-thru that’s done steady business since the springtime. To date, we’ve never closed down. Thanks to the hard work of our team and the generosity of our community, we’re doing better than ever before.

That’s what makes the timing right for us to expand, providing new opportunities for local diners to enjoy our popular menu of sandwiches, pasta dishes, rice bowls, and beyond. We’re pleased to announce that a sixth Gyros & Seafood Express location is under way, and we’re looking to expand with additional franchises throughout Florida.

Our plan? Simply replicating what’s worked for us in Sarasota, from the restaurant layout to the drive-thru and online ordering options. We’ve seen firsthand how our menu and our fast, casual style have resonated with diners over the last several months, and we’re excited about seeing something similar in other parts of the Southeast.

Right now, we’re looking for investors who may be interested in helping us get these new franchises off the ground. If that’s something that strikes your curiosity, we’d love to hear from you. Learn more about franchise opportunities at Gyros & Seafood Express by contacting us through our website.

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