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Gyros & Seafood Express Renovates, Expands Service Options.

As the COVID-19 pandemic reached American shores, many small businesses were forced to either suspend operation, or shut down permanently. At Gyros & Seafood Express, we took a different approach. We never shut down, but instead seized the opportunity to launch a major renovation of our restaurant. Additionally, we introduced a number of new ordering options, making it safe and easy for local diners to enjoy our food even in the midst of an unfolding pandemic.

The renovation of our Sarasota location represented a complete, A-Z overhaul. While we didn’t expand our footprint, we did redesign all major aspects of our restaurant: The kitchen, the dining room, the floor plan, and more. These major changes, along with all-new furniture, have breathed new life into our restaurant. Now, diners can enjoy our fast, casual dining options in a truly vibrant and comfortable environment.

Not everything has changed: We still offer the same menu, packed with all your favorites, from sandwiches to rice bowls to fresh-caught fish. However, in light of current health concerns, we’ve rolled out several new ways for our patrons to come and eat, including an app, online ordering options, and a drive-thru that’s done a very brisk business throughout the pandemic.

In fact, business at Gyros & Seafood Express has grown significantly just over the past few months, something that we count as a real small business success story. Our guidance to other small business owners is that, with some flexibility and innovation, it remains very possible to grow your company and serve your customers, even during these trying times. We’re proof positive.

Incidentally, we’d like to thank all the talented professionals who’ve helped make our renovation such a big success: Robert Henry, an interior designer from Tidmore-Henry & Associates; Brian Montanari, kitchen designer from Suncoast Restaurant Advisory Group; and Troy Pittman, our contractor.

To learn more about what’s going on at Gyros & Seafood Express, we welcome you to visit our website.

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